1. I'm Bound

From the recording The Coin, The Prayer & The Crow

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I’m Bound
©2016 Tom Eure

I’m bound, I’m bound for home now
Lord lead me on
This world can’t sting no more now
When I’m dead and gone

That promise that he made me
Soon to be redeemed
By faith I took each step
Each stumble has been cleaned

These earthly robes I’m wearing
Will be shed in the end
The’ll be made new in heaven
When I ascend

So turn from darkness sinner
Sinner walk that line
Put wayward days behind you
For you were born divine

I’ve morned for friends and family
For loved ones that passed on
They’ve joined the church triumphant
And hear sweet angles song

A grand reunion with them
Heaven has prepared
That welcome tables waiting
Soon I’ll take my chair