Folk Traditions, with roots and wings

The folk duo of Tom Eure & Amelia Osborne offer up a heartfelt fusion of Folk, Celtic, and Appalachian influences. The two come together as a veteran singer songwriter and a fine artist with the voice of an angel, combining their multi-instrumentalist talents to paint a musical picture as uplifting as it is engaging.

In concert, Eure & Osborne seamlessly change from one instrument to the next, swirling together fiddles, banjos, bodhrán, mandolins, guitars, and rousing vocal harmonies.  Everywhere they perform, from listening rooms, to theaters and festivals are filled with a sound that feels like a breath of fresh air. Audiences are taken on a ride that leads them from laughter to tears, waltzes to foot stomping, along with a few detours that takes them straight to church.

The duo hail from the fertile musical grounds of North Carolina, where they draw endless inspiration. Their “folk process” of absorbing musical traditions and allowing them to shape their own sound creates a unique folk fusion. No Depression Magazine said of Tom and Amelia’s first album together, “The Coin The Prayer & The Crow comes off as the result of a genuine artist pouring old wine into new bottles and making listeners believe”.  With a professional musician pedigree in Cajun, Celtic, Old Time, Rock, Gospel, and Americana, this duo create a sound that is new yet familiar, risky yet comfortable, and has that rare ability to shine a light on the heart.

When venues were darkened by the Covid 19 pandemic, Tom and Amelia did the only thing they could … they got creative. The two discovered a passion for “Crankies” a scrolling panoramic art form from the 1800’s. Crankies proved to be the perfect marriage of Amelia’s artistic talents and Tom’s songwriting. In their music videos and live performances Crankies offer a whole new depth to the story telling ability of their music by bringing a little bit of magic and a whole lot of whimsey.

Look for, or request, Tom Eure & Amelia Osborne wherever kindred spirits gather and fine music is heard. Whether they’re playing fiddle and bodhrán or cranking a Crankie while making shadow puppets dance, joy is bound to follow.