What Are Crankies?

Crankies are an enchanting form of Folk Art storytelling with roots all the way back to the 1800's. Crankies use long scrolls of art wound on two spools. As the spools are "cranked" the story comes to life, often with the help of shadow puppets.

Long before Amelia began making music with Tom, her life's work had always focused on creating and promoting fine art in one way or another. She studied fine art at Western Carolina University, directed galleries in Virginia, California and North Carolina and has always had a passion (nurtured and encouraged by her father) for puppetry. Crankies are where the artistic and musical talents she and Tom share collide.

Amelia creates the art and shadow puppets, Tom builds the Crankie boxes and spools. Combine that with their music, precision timing , and a bit of whimsey, audiences are treated to a journey that offers a magical escape from the real world.

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